Unite assets, people, and processes built on real-time intelligence.

Leverage real-time business insights powered by IoT to enable digital disruption.

Modern businesses are revolutionizing value-added services by providing innovative benefits to customers using Internet of Things (IoT) and are re-imagining new business models and greater revenue streams.

The world today has billions of devices in homes, offices, schools, manufacturing plants, hospitals, cars, many other places. With the proliferation of intelligent devices, businesses progressively need solutions to connect them, gather, store, and analyze device data.

At Nsight, we help organizations to propel business results by enriching business processes with IoT data and augment excellence, productivity, and resource efficacy by applying smart technologies; all this while keeping core processes stable and without any disruption to day-to-day operation.

Our established expertise with modern and evolving solutions such as AWS IoT and Python, SAP Leonardo, and Cassandra enable organizations garner insights from previously untethered devices across various functions like sales, finance, assets, manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, products, service management, and more.