Accomplish predictable results by ensuring high availability and stability

Rationalize legacy and modern mainframes with elastic storage, robust security and business continuity at controlled costs.

Large organizations are contingent on mainframes for safe, secure, dependable and huge volumes of data processing but often face rising challenges of managing expenses and provisioning bespoke mainframe expertise. Managing mainframes takes constant investment in software, hardware, and support. In addition, capacity must be readily available to handle peak periods and unanticipated growth. With significant proliferation in the volume of transactions and increased need of information regarding consumer-driven demands, IT organizations must look for modern solutions in navigating these infrastructure challenges.

From application modernization to performance engineering and from batch optimization to anti-pattern identification, we offer comprehensive consulting services enabling organization to quickly move forward with their application transformation journey while hosting core applications on the mainframes. Our experts work closely with the IT teams and help businesses optimize mainframe costs and augment efficiency by delivering administrative expertise and modern processes to enable elasticity to the existing mainframe applications. This allows businesses to embrace organizational changes without incurring huge capital investments.

With end-to-end expertise in the complete spectrum of solutions developed using COBOL, DB2, IMSDB/DC, CICS, RPG, JCL and more, we help enterprises save costs, use their mainframes effectively and achieve more predictable results with optimization and modernization.


Case study
Modernizing mainframes application refactor and conversion