Senior Marketing Manager/ Director

Experience: 12+ Years

Location: Hyderabad

Job Type: Full time

  • We’re looking for a passionate and driven individual to lead marketing efforts.
  • Responsibilities would include:
  • Develop high-level marketing strategies in collaboration with the leadership and COE/Solutions team
  • Work across a cross-functional team: Content, Community and Product Teams, with a goal to increase brand visibility, increase community and drive revenue growth
  • Executing our online and offline customer acquisition campaigns across multiple channels, including digital marketing, SEO, SEM, affiliate channels, offline and more
  • Partnerships and syndication’s with influencers, brands and partners across owned and affiliate platforms for content and community initiatives
  • Manage a team to drive wide range of other functions, including Performance Marketing, PR, Events, Brand and Social Media together
  • Eventually focus on global growth
  • Work with 3rd party outsourced partner 
  • Skills Required :
  • Experience building growth stage marketing strategies with a focus on brand visibility and customer acquisition across multiple channels
  • Hands-on experience with digital marketing – Facebook, Instagram, AdWords, Linkedin
  • Understanding and grasp of SEO, email marketing
  • Good knowledge of PR, affiliate marketing, experience in Content writing or Content Management