USHR/ US Onboarding Specialist

Experience: 6+ years

Job Type: Full Time

Location : Hyderabad

Job Description:

  • Must have 8+ years of experience in  US HR Operations
  • Onboarding process: 
    • Reviewing contracts (MSAs, NDAs, NCAs, RTRs, Subcontractor Agreements, etc.), negotiating contracts with clients, vendors.
  • Well Versed Documentation: 
    • Issuing Offer letters/Agreements and new employee packages (I-9 form, W4 form, payroll Sheet, payroll Calendar, Holiday List, Insurance forms and Check list) to W2 and 1099 employees.
  • LCA Filing: 
    • Involved in the LCA filing process for new H1s, H1 Transfers, H1 Amendments (when change in job, job location happens).
  • H1 Filing:
    • Follow up with the employee to get the filled intake sheet,
    • Sending the required documents [such as intake sheet, resume, latest LCA, latest visa copy,
    • vendor/client letter, MSA, PO], information to the attorney, checking the status on USCIS website,