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The Complete Guide to Transition Out of an Outdated Accounting Software

As a decision-maker, you either must select the best accounting software or transition from an outdated accounting system that can no longer manage your complex accounting processes. Either way, time is running out and draining your reserves. Perhaps, this detailed comparison will help you understand how a basic accounting software like Intacct is corroding your […]

Why are CFOs Dumping QuickBooks for NetSuite?

Business owners and high-growth companies need real-time and reliable accounting software to uncomplicate financial bookkeeping. It helps them to improve financial control and to make informed decisions. The accounting software must have some features like core accounting, generating invoices, assets, tax, inventory management, budget preparation, and managing payroll. In their early days, many such business […]

The CX Guide 2022: Strategies and Trends to Improve your Customer Experience

The purpose of the CX guide is to equip you with all the information and tools to measure and manage a customer experience initiative effectively in 2022. Building a customer-first approach does not happen overnight – it takes both time and effort for employees and executives to create customer value and boost revenue with a […]

Who owns Customer Experience (CX) in your enterprise?

Every company strives for customer loyalty and experience. However simple it may sound, customers are still disappointed. Why? It is due to disconnected customer experiences. You have a disconnected customer experience when clients get irrelevant, redundant, and unrelated experiences from the brand. What makes a good customer experience? Several factors like speed, convenience, friendliness, connectedness, […]