Customer 360

Get a single view of your customer interactions

The Customer 360

Today’s enterprises struggle with data overload, disparate data sources and few reporting tools. With operational sales, services and marketing data residing in CRM Enterprise applications, Cloud, and Analytics, businesses are challenged with utilizing data in various associated databases to generate revenue and reduce costs.

The Customer 360 Degree View solution offers a compelling, efficient, and effective means to join data from all customer facing applications, including CRM enterprise and cloud, into a single unified view for users to manage at strategic, managerial and operational levels.

The solution can be powered through any of the sophisticated SaaS/Mobile Application Solution providers to deliver a CRM Portfolio for a wide spectrum of business users in various industries. The solution supports the needs of this increasingly connected world where prior technologies could only offer partial solutions at best.

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Extend Existing Business Processes to Smart Devices

Extend Existing Business Processes to Smart Devices

Leverage data and events from connected devices to enhance existing business processes, making them more innovative and responsive.

Expedite Delivery of Value-adding Solutions

Expedite Delivery of Value-adding Solutions

Enhance your organization’s reputation and claim a bigger market share from your contenders.

Adopt and Implement

Leverage the Value of Distributed Data Through Search-based Intelligence

Uncover the real potential of your organization for faster problem solving and lead generation.

Customer 360 at a glance

  • Multi-Device, Multi-Network Support
  • Rapidly build applications on a single platform
  • Multi-dimension Storage Capabilities
  • High Performance, Event-driven Execution Platform
  • Search-based Intelligence