Human Capital Management

Make Human Capital Management (HCM) simple and boost productivity with innovative software solutions.

Create a bold strategy for the HR function with ground-breaking technologies and employee-centric designs

HR professionals today are usually overseeing a multi-system environment. Several corporations want to be more effective and efficient in managing their HCM systems while minimizing risks and adopting modern software solutions in the cloud.

Nsight helps business leaders to redefine HCM function to become more agile, data-centric, and Artificial Intelligence-driven.

We can help improve employee retention with efficient and personalized employee experiences and increasing productivity with automated processes to reduce HR operations. Our team helps business leaders redefine the HCM function to become more agile, data-centric, and driven by Artificial Intelligence.

Nsight’s experts empower organizations to develop a solid and practical HCM strategy. Our specialists execute a reliability assessment that helps establish how the HR teams can meet their organizational requirements. Nsight also supports companies to develop processes and technological skills necessary for their business to thrive.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Learn, grow, accomplish, and succeed with our intuitive suite of solutions

From offering a seamless orientation to new employees to enabling the existing workforce to grow in their current position, constant progress is the key to success in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. However, many organizations struggle with finding a system that effectively engages learners and meets the diverse needs of employees and partners to augment flawless onboarding, product, and compliance training, centralizing skills, and certifications.

Learning and development are essential to enhancing employee engagement and partner performance, not just for their current jobs and partnership tiers, but in preparing them to tackle new responsibilities and challenges in a progressive organization. Nsight helps businesses effectively target, manage, deliver, and report specific learning activities for every employee and partner.

Our team of enthusiastic and innovative HCM and L&D specialists are committed to an organization’s long-term learning and business strategies. We understand the demands of L&D and how to deliver quantifiable results that precisely correlate with employee performance, maximizing skills, and reducing TCO. We work in an agile environment and rapidly deliver complex solutions tightly integrated with various HCM systems. We recommend solutions for a specific industry, timeline, and any budget, without compromising quality.

Key Features of our LMS solutions include:

Blended Learning

Fully Customizable

Extended Enterprise

Seamless User Interface

Mobile Compatibility


Virtual Classrooms

Advanced Reporting

Multilanguage Support

By rapidly assessing the current state of an organization and contemplating various solutions that enable businesses to scale, we work closely with both business and IT teams to build a roadmap that addresses:

Employee Onboarding

Customized courses required for employees to join the organization quickly

Compliance Training

Keep employees and partners informed with industry-specific laws and regulations

Customer & Partner Training

Educate customers and partners about new product launches beyond the basics

Sales Training

On-the-go, easy to use interface for the sales reps to hone the skills

Product Training

Equip teams with the most current product knowledge for a better understanding

Customer Service

Train customer service teams on client servicing to achieve greater consumer delight

SAP Litmos

Nsight’s SAP Litmos Services

Engage learners and empower personnel to drive a superior customer experience and improve KPIs across the enterprise.

As businesses continue to handle continuous change and accelerated globalization, the necessity to rapidly and efficiently upskill their workforce to meet new challenges has significantly increased. However, most companies remain challenged on how to accomplish learning that sticks. Businesses are growing too fast, and the personnel is busy, unfocused, and distributed for conventional training models to be wholly effective.

Learners find it hard to access the knowledge and intelligence they require when and where they need it and experience little, or no connection compared to traditional learning. The one-size-fits-all learning approach is no longer sufficient. Delivering education at scale to a global audience, both internal and external, requires a technology ecosystem to develop and deliver personalized learning journeys.

Nsight is a certified SAP Litmos Partner. We help organizations evaluate, deliver a proof of concept, and implement a customized solution. Our team understands that each industry is unique and has unique challenges in training its personnel. Learning objectives and business goals are aligned, and businesses adopt agile learning development processes. We help HR and L&D function with strategies that drive personalized learning at scale.

Key Features of SAP Litmos:

Anywhere, anytime and any device

33 pre-configured languages

Over 100 learning programs

Epic engagement with gamification

In-depth analytics and reporting

Out-of-box connectors and APIs

Intuitive and native course builder

24 X 7 Support

SAP SuccessFactors

Nsight’s SAP SuccessFactors Service

Enterprises can transform, manage, and expand HR strategies while creating incredible employee experiences.

More and more businesses are choosing innovative ways to transform their HCM function to find, train and manage their workforce. SAP SuccessFactors is one of the leading solution providers for cloud Human Experience Management (HXM). The HXM suite lets corporations provide employees with experiences that recognize their value and consistently motivate them to achieve peak performance.

It automates and manages core HR and payroll functions and enhances employee experience. Nsight team helps with workforce planning and managing talent. Our SAP SuccessFactors experts enable businesses to take full advantage of their technology investment by achieving faster ROI.

We have industry and domain knowledge combined with the right expertise of geographical HR compliance, help companies decrease HR operations efforts, and enhance productivity by employing automated processes and intelligent AI chatbots. With customized real-time dashboards and reports, we ensure the HR functions provide precise insights for decision-making while reducing the HCM technology cost.

Oracle HCM

Nsight’s Oracle HCM Services

Today, global corporations are keen to provide the best experiences to their employees, using friendly technologies that empower them to deliver their best.

Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM and Oracle PeopleSoft deliver a renewed experience and address the most complicated business constraints. They provide complete business and industry solutions, empowering businesses to boost productivity, fast-track business execution, and offer a lower TCO.

From engaging employees with an intuitive and personalized UI to drive productivity to enable the HR functions with one data source for accurate and real-time visibility across the workforce, Nsight’s experts offer customized solutions to businesses for faster, better, and more informed decisions.

We have industry and domain experts in human resources, talent management, workforce management, payroll, and HCM analytics. Our team helps organizations manage a global workforce effectively, attract the best talent, optimize the workforce, manage payrolls, and get real-time insights.


Nsight’s Workday Services

In a highly competitive world, businesses are looking to attract, retain, and develop a workforce ready to achieve higher business goals.

Workday is a complete HCM that delivers a renewed experience and offers everything related to human capital management like payroll and talent acquisition. It provides a complete business solution, enhancing productivity, optimizing processes, personalizing learning, and building diverse teams.

Nsight enables businesses to reach the desired outcome from Workday with our best practices. Our team integrates it with other essential functions like Finance and IT. We work closely with multiple business functions to create a fool proof roadmap by identifying the most important functionalities.

Nsight helps organizations manage a global workforce effectively, attract the best talent, optimize the workforce, manage payrolls, and get real-time insights.