Big Data and Analytics

Drive real-time data-driven business insights through Big Data and
in-depth analytics

Data analytics helps to drive business strategy and performance for enterprises of any size.

Data analytics helps to evaluate what happened in the past, facilitates scenario planning and predictive modeling.

Nsight’s experts can help your business use a range of data modeling, analytics approaches, and solutions to help drive growth, uncover hidden opportunities, mitigate risk, and expand to new markets. Nsight leverages modern data mining, pattern matching, and predictive tools for producing analyses and algorithms that help organizations make better decisions.

With our seamless integration services to various platforms, Nsight enables faster data extraction with real-time data discovery. Uncovering new insights and turning big data into industry-shifting intelligence empowers your business to drive innovation that delivers real business benefits.

Data Analytics

Nsight’s Data Analytics Services

It is a must to analyze and respond to data to succeed in the competitive data-driven world of today. Data analytics enable enterprises with better business insights to identify new ways to the revenue stream and cost-saving and customer needs.

Nsight empowers organizations to provide unified view solutions, complex data integrations, data cleansing, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning based predictive models to provide new opportunities, real-time intelligence, customer engagements insights, and transformation.

Leverage Nsight’s Analytics Framework and best practices for faster data extraction, data modeling, and data-driven business insights. Nsight experts help in collaborative analytics, statistical pattern analysis, Data Analytics Integration, and Implementation.


Driving business performance with better Nsights

Oracle Analytics

Nsight’s Oracle Analytics Service

Navigate your shift to digital with data-driven analytics that provide insight for operational efficiency and growth.

Our Nsight Oracle analytics experts are continuously innovating to optimize business processes by improving decision-making. We help businesses identify the most critical areas of operational excellence to stay competitive in the modern digital world.

We enable companies to accelerate their digital transformation journey with data architecture roadmaps, data integration paths, process automation, and the best customer experience with next-gen technologies.


Case study
Migrating Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud

Customer Analytics

Nsight’s Customer Analytics Service

Understand the needs of customers with analytics powered by Nsight.

In a new digital shift, businesses must be aware of customer behavior. Analyzing data patterns help to predict customer behavior and needs.  

Nsight team provides the best solution for rapidly changing customer expectations which need more customer-centric data design and collaborative approach. Our experts are experts in multiple cutting-edge technologies that enable data integration, visualization, executive reporting, scenario modeling, and mobile analytics.    

We enable you to get the most out of your technology investments. Be it on-premises or cloud analytics, mitigate the risks that come with a change.  

Microsoft Power BI

Nsight’s Microsoft Power BI Service

Enable self-service business intelligence platform and improve business Insights with Power BI powered by Nsight

In the fast-changing world of technology, digitization is driving the demand for analytics. It is happening across the business domain for the modern enterprise. With the rapid enhancement in the data sources and advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and the Internet of things (IoT), organizations are now looking for the best analytics solution in the most cost-effective and scalable model.   

Nsight team delivers interactive Power BI dashboards to help users visualize the insight from the processed data. Our experts help plan the business to adopt the best-in-class data models, which fit their technology landscape and are scalable as per the organization’s growth.


Case study
Unlocked power of data with Power BI tool for a general contracting company


Nsight’s Tableau Services

Nsight Tableau Services can help enterprises improve business ROI with data-driven decision-making. 

Digitization is driving the demand for analytics across businesses. New insights fuel innovation and turn big data into industry-shifting intelligence. They can transform and achieve real business benefits.  

Nsight’s team helps enterprises with data-driven business insights and enables profit through recommendation and trend-based decision making with Tableau. Our team can develop valuable data analytics solutions that are intuitive and fun to use, focused on usability, prototyping, and data modeling.

As a leading service provider, we provide end-to-end services like planning, designing, implementing, and supporting complete reporting and visualization solutions. We help organizations with better business insights and higher profits.


Data-Driven Decision Making With Tableau