Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)

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Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance, or GRC, helps organizations comply with rules and regulatory requirements and manage risks effectively. An organization must build policies and procedures to manage risk and compliance with an integrated GRC approach and achieve wider acceptance and confidence in the marketplace.

Nsight helps you gain early insight into the anomalies and identify risks proactively to meet enterprise risks and compliance requirements, manage international trade, and drive an end-to-end governance model. Our experts guide business leaders to reduce costs, meet compliance requirements, and manage security risks for a stronger core.

Design Element
Design Element

Adopt an Integrated Approach to GRC with Nsight

Businesses must manage risks effectively to stay productive and profitable. Risk management helps identify potential risks and develop ways to address those risks. GRC represents three pillars, namely, Governance, Risk, and Compliance.

· Governance – ensures that internal policies are adhered to and followed by all employees

· Risk – identifying all the potential risks and developing a risk mitigation plan

· Compliance – process to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements

Nsight helps implement an end-to-end GRC framework, plan and implement the GRC program, and monitor and enhance the program.

End-to-end Services

End-to-end Services
We have multi-functional teams to help Governance at the board level and meet compliance requirements, like FDA, anti-money laundering, Food and Product Safety, and others. Our professionals understand the unique regulatory requirements for every industry and offer help accordingly.

Deep Experience

Deep Experience Nsight has professionals with deep experience helping with enterprise risk and compliance requirements for every industry. Our professionals work across the executive board to help and guide through every GRC stage. 

Industry-specific Solutions

Industry-specific SolutionsOur specialized team helps different industries meet their specific needs with specialization in every sector. We offer advisory services, methodologies, and tools customized to the unique requirements of every business.

Seasoned and Experienced Professionals

Seasoned and Experienced ProfessionalsWith an established CoE for GRC, we have experienced and proficient professionals well-versed in risk and compliance challenges across different businesses. We are well-versed in ways to manage risks and proactively meet compliance needs.

Long-standing Partnership with Global Firms

Long-standing Partnership with Global Firms 
We ensure that our clients leverage our expertise and experience in implementing software for global organizations like SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, Salesforce, Adobe, Microsoft, and Salesforce. 

Prepare to Meet Complex and Ever-Growing Regulatory Requirements

How can Nsight help Clients seeking Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Services?

Every enterprise must have an enterprise-wide information security system, which varies given its risks, complexity, and size. We ensure that the enterprise manages operations, uses the right tools, and implements adequate measures to mitigate risks. With a holistic risk-based approach, Governance framework, and compliance controls, we enable organizations to align their IT systems to manage risks and meet regulatory and compliance needs.

Compliance Management Services

Compliance Management Services

We help our clients set up a compliance system to meet multiple regulatory requirements for different industries and geographies. Our professionals help meet compliance standards by building a solid IT-enabled system.

Governance and Risk Management

Governance and Risk Management

With expertise in identity governance, risk management, and compliance tools, we help organizations meet industry-specific governing laws and regulations. Additionally, we support clients’ setup of access control measures and protect data from cyber threats.

Audit and Assessment

Audit and Assessment

We help enterprises manage audits and assessments to comply with regulations and policies. We extend internal and external audit support that covers information security requirements to third-party control.

GRC Platform Implementation

GRC Platform Implementation

Our team builds a sustainable way to maintain, support, and meet the GRC requirements and offers round-the-clock support for identity and access management solutions.

Build an Exceptional Ability to Identify Risks Proactively

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Highly regulated and complex organizations face several challenges while implementing the Governance, Risks, and Compliance strategy. For example, it is difficult to provide the ROI of GRC, the high cost of implementing a comprehensive system, and employees’ resistance to adopting a GRC framework. With Nsight, you can use our experience and expertise to ensure a seamless, pocket-friendly, and accelerated GRC implementation. Speak to us for details.

Governance, Risk & Compliance help reduce costs, enhance leadership effectiveness, help management gain higher visibility, meet regulatory compliance requirements, and minimize business, operational, security, and financial risks.

With the help of GRC software, organizations effectively examine and assess risk management tools and internal controls and optimize operations. Additionally, it provides a structured approach to meet legal and regulatory requirements, such as Sarbanes-Oxley Act and General Data Protection Regulation.

The five stages of the GRC Maturity Model are listed below:

  • Stage 1 – this is a rudimentary stage with no integration and only silos
  • Stage 2 – during this stage, the GRC integration is identified and approved by the leadership
  • Stage 3 – enables manual integration of GRC functions
  • Stage 4 – GRC software for effective integration
  • Stage 5 – the corporate culture supports the GRC principles

Some of the best practices to create a comprehensive GRC approach are –

  • Identify and plan an IT governance framework and enterprise architecture framework.
  • To create a holistic GRC approach, identify your organization’s risk management, compliance, and governance needs.
  • Need for metrics and KPIs to measure the performance throughout the process.

IT plays a critical role in GRC strategy, i.e., identifying cyber threats, meeting data and privacy needs, performing risk assessment, and ensuring mitigated risks. Digital technologies are helping organizations become modern and manage IT-related risks and compliance.

When an organization uses on-premises GRC, it uses in-house IT resources and servers to run the software. It adds maintenance burden and storage challenges, high license cost, and the need to secure the on-premises software.

Government and large enterprises implement cloud GRC as it offers enhanced security, lowers maintenance and storage expenses, and provides scalability and freedom to access applications from any device or location.

Meet Regulatory Compliance and Reduce Risks with Confidence