Customer Experience

Leverage data to create incredible customer digital experiences.

What is Customer Experience (CX)?

Customer Experience (CX) is the customer’s holistic brand perception or feelings resulting from their interactions with a brand’s products or services during all the stages of the consumption funnel.

More often, it is a subjective, emotional, and cognitive response to direct or indirect interactions with the brand.

When an enterprise has a mature CX strategy, they have mapped customer insights originating from each moment of truth, designed processes, and empowered their employees to deliver an enhanced CX.

How can CX transform your business?

Customer experience enhances the anticipated utility after engaging with the brand (what does the customer expect from the product or service), experience utility (how much utility is the customer getting in reality), and retrospective utility (what do customers remember about your brand). With a holistic CX strategy, an enterprise can effectively manage all these utilities for the customer and ensure positive customer experiences. Some more reasons for you to consider CX –

Customer Lifetime Value or CLV is a metric that measures the cumulative profit based on current and future purchases. The metric helps enterprises to focus on high potential customers. Customer experience boosts CLV for the highest potential customers and even increases the ratio of such customers with superior customer interactions.

CX focuses on bumping the customer confidence, ironing the customer journey, and exceeding customer satisfaction. You need a consistent customer experience across all touchpoints and interactions. Outstanding customer experience helps build customer loyalty, increase revenue, and give you a competitive edge. It can attract customers from your competitors and retain existing customers.

Hyper personalized customer experience helps build a long-standing customer relationship, even when the market conditions are unpredictable or uncertain. Strong customer relationships can help you grow sustainably and assuredly.

With improved customer retention, sales processes, and targeted and personalized customer focus, CX helps lower customer acquisition costs.

As enterprises struggle to find their differentiators, forward-thinking enterprises invest in customer experience to ensure that the customers turn into brand advocates.

Rather than working in silos when all your business units work towards a single purpose: to provide an exceptional customer experience, it helps them align and collaborate better. Customer Focus is the core of Digital Transformation.

Next-gen technologies driving digital transformation are designed to provide hyper-personalized customer experiences. Some of the technologies are Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Smart Chatbots, Predictive Analytics, Augmented Reality, and Big Data.

Enterprises that prioritize CX witness an unprecedented growth.

How can Nsight help you create a seamless Customer Experience?

Every industry is grappling to understand the changed expectations of their customers. Customer expectations are sky high, and your brand has a limited opportunity to build long-term customer loyalty or lose the customer to competitors.

We offer CX services to build meaningful, deeper, and long-standing relationships with your customers. Nsight connects data, technology, and intelligence to deliver a simple, agile, and innovative way to reimagine your customer journey and deliver an optimal customer experience.

Nsight’s CX Services

360-Degree Customer View

The Nsight team provides a unified view of customer-facing applications (like Customer Relationship Management, CRM, and Customer Portals). It is developed to support multiple business users, and the solution is accessible on SaaS and mobiles.

The aggregated view of all the customer data collected across different touchpoints within an enterprise is the key to 360-Degree Customer View. This must include all the possible touchpoints for sales, customer support, and marketing (it can vary for different businesses).

With the increase in digital footprint with the drastic use of smartphones, social media platforms, and online communities, customers are empowered.

With 360-Degree Customer View, brands can achieve enhanced customer intelligence, improved collaboration between different business units, and the ability to make informed customer-oriented decisions.

Customer Data Management

Nsight manages customer data to enable enterprises to build a Single View Customer Strategy. We help clients at different levels of customer data maturity to achieve consolidated and integrated customer data with an incremental process. We ensure seamless customer data integration across different tools, applications, and technologies.

Stage 1 – This step involves consolidating customer data from different sources like surveys, transactions, engagement and website data, customer reviews, web and mobile browsing activities, and other relevant sources. The objective of this stage is to achieve a single customer view.

Stage 2 – Customer master data is information related to all the customer data, business transactions, and how these transactions are recorded. Once consolidated, this data must be cleaned and organized (removing errors and redundancies). During data cleaning and organizing, some of the critical tasks are validating data, unification of data, data normalization (transforming all data in a single and consistent format), and categorization that includes customer segmentation, insight, and activation.

Stage 3 – Registry or global identifiers are keys to uniquely identifying a customer record. Global identifiers are critical for data traceability.

Stage 4 – Master Data Management or MDM is the key to good data health in an enterprise. Multidomain MDM tools help to integrate master data in a single and unified data management platform. The 360-degree view of each customer helps to segment, personalize, and understand the complete customer lifecycle.

Data Quality

With the help of data quality tools, data quality challenges like customer profiling, automation, workflows, and exception-handling are addressed. Other data quality issues include normalizing fields for categorizing data, physical address cleansing, and eliminating duplicate customer records.

Customer Process Reengineering

Understanding all the customer touchpoints and the related processes that drive them is imperative. We ensure the best experience, from start to finish, as we optimize all the processes related to sales, service, marketing, e-commerce, and Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ). Our team assesses and recommends the best suited CX approach, best of the breed solutions, and architecture to suit your business needs.

Technology Support

We can help you choose the most appropriate tools and technologies to manage customer data, sales, marketing, customer service and support, and analytics. Nsight has strong partnerships with CX and CRM market leaders like SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, and Microsoft to ensure that our clients get the best-suited and holistic customer framework. We also help to suggest which infrastructure platform to choose for best ROI in the long run.

KPI-based Customer Analytics

Customer Analytics with suitable KPIs is critical to fuel meaningful and personalized interactions across all channels and drive the long-term viability of the business. Nsight can develop a framework over the customer information platform with different analytics to provide valuable knowledge into actionable insights.

Nsight captures customer data and use different analytics to measure, predict, plan, and optimize the data. These analytics are sales, product, marketing, channel, and service. The optimized customer knowledge feeds unified, personalized, and focused customer information across multiple touchpoints (like mobile, customer interaction center, marketplaces, and other sources) into the customer interaction platform.

Managed Services

Nsight offers unified managed services that include day-to-day operations and configuration requirements management, incident management and reporting, dedicated test environment, dedicated and shared support models, and 24/7 proactive monitoring.

Customer Experience (CX) Can Redefine Your Brand.

Why should you consider Nsight for CX?

Customer needs are changing fast. To keep up with the changes, you need to combine technology, professional services, and a deep understanding of the CX strategy. Get the Nsight Advantage as we blend technology, experience-driven best practices, well-researched CX services, and our team, who are CX pros.

Customer-First Mindset

Customer-First Mindset
We help you rejig your CX strategy with a customer-first mindset. The combination of technology, processes, tools, and an effective customer experience strategy ensures a consistent and great customer experience. 

Best Practices to Ensure Customer-Centricity

Best Practices to Ensure Customer-Centricity
We have customer experience best practices drawn from our experience of helping clients find brand value and drive sustainable growth with customer-centricity across all business units.

Strong Partnership with Market Leaders

Strong Partnership with Market Leaders
Nsight has a long-standing partnership with CX technology providers like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and Salesforce. We have a solid functional understanding, which uniquely positions us as system integrators to provide a well-connected customer framework irrespective of the technology.  

Leading System Integrators

Leading System Integrators
Deep-rooted functional knowledge in CX helps support clients with a complex technology ecosystem (disparate tools, applications, and technologies). We assess your business needs and recommend a customer framework that seamlessly integrates data from different sources. 

Let’s create a game-changing CX strategy for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Exceptional customer experience ensures brand loyalty and customer retention. The current trends heavily favor customer-centricity for growing businesses. Customer experience is critical to increasing revenue, brand advocacy, higher customer satisfaction, competitive advantage, and adopting digital technologies (that are entirely focused on customers).

The CX journey includes every customer interaction that must be seamless, personalized, and optimized. Even if the customer interaction does not result in a purchase, it should still enhance customer retention and loyalty. With the help of tools and technologies, enterprises can harness the power of customer data and build a 360-degree view of their customers. CX is meant to support both B2B and B2C business models.

Customer Journey Mapping, also known as user journey mapping, is a visual representation of the customer’s interaction with the brand, service, or product. The map represents the brand’s relationship with the customer over a period.

Customer Experience Management or CXM is a repository of processes aimed to streamline, track, and oversee customer interactions throughout the customer’s lifecycle.

Known as Customer Analytics, it is the aggregated assessment of customer data (like reviews on social channels and frequency of purchases from your website). Customer Experience Analytics help improve customer interactions and enables you to make data-driven decisions for a better customer experience.

No, customer experience and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are different. CRM is the process including strategies and technology for improved customer interactions. It makes CRM one of the enablers for improved customer experience. Customer Experience (CX) are various ways that customers engage with the business. It includes every customer touchpoint that starts from marketing to sales.

Customer service is just interaction in the entire customer journey. At the same time, customer experience encompasses every interaction and aspect of the customer journey. Customer experience includes your customer’s interactions with the customer services or support team. Customer service is focused only on human interaction and supporting the customers directly.

Customer experience aligns all business units like sales, marketing, customer support, leadership, and other stakeholders to work towards a common goal – deliver outstanding customer experience. CX cannot be pinned to a single owner or business function as it needs optimized customer-related processes.

Some commonly used customer experience metrics are Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction, Customer Effort Score (CES), customer churn rate, customer lifetime value, shareholder value, and retention rate.

Some of the top CX technology providers are SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and Salesforce. Several other CX management software vendors help enterprises manage their customer experience better.

Omnichannel CX refers to a cross-channel strategy to provide a seamless customer experience and interactions across multiple touchpoints. It includes online and offline channels to ensure that customer experience doesn’t change irrespective of the channel.


Configure, Price Quote or CPQ helps streamline your quoting process to close deals faster.

CPQ is an extension of the CRM system. It supports a diverse product portfolio, complex pricing structures and offers multiple features. 

Nsight’s competence in CPQ helps build a solid revenue-generating power. Our experts can help automate the quote and proposal process for businesses to sell faster and more efficiently, giving them an edge over the competition.

We empower businesses to provide a richer customer experience by enabling their sales teams and partners to offer complex product configurations, optimized pricing with increased margins, and more professional proposals.

We offer seamless integration services to platforms such as SAP CPQ with SAP C4C, SAP CRM, and S/4HANA, CPQ platforms such as Apptus, Callidus Cloud, and Salesforce CPQ. Take your internal sales, partners, agents, and distributors to the next level.


Streamline the quoting process to close deals faster and smarter


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SAP CPQ/VC Assessment

SAP Customer Experience (CX)

Nsight’s SAP Customer Experience (CX) Services

SAP Customer Experience (CX) is the fourth-generation CRM suite. It combines the power of microservices that enable real-time customer engagement, digital innovation, and the ability to leverage emerging business models.

Nsight helps clients to assess, create SAP Customer Experience (CX) roadmap and strategy, and drive a seamless implementation. We have the best practices and the right tools to fast-track implementation with higher automation and fewer risks.

Our services include assessment, fit/gap analysis, implementations, support, restructuring data models, augmenting day-to-day business transactions, fast-tracking tactical decision making, and simplifying processes. Our certified SAP Customer Experience (CX) experts have worked across diverse industries like retail, automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, biotech, and others.

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SAP Customer Experience (CX)

Case study
Systematic SAP CPQ/VC Assessment


Nsight’s Salesforce CRM Services.

Customers expect relevant content and solutions in a format and device of their choice. The customer journey is the key to direct the business strategy of clients. Hence, it is critical to have the right technology to influence a digital plan. 

At Nsight, we empower businesses to build on a transformation strategy that best suits them and their customers. Our experts understand industry-specific challenges and offer custom solutions so that our clients can lead in the digital space.

As one of the leading Salesforce development companies, we provide end-to-end services that include planning, designing, implementing, and supporting complete Salesforce-based business solutions. We help companies to achieve better productivity and higher profits.

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SAP AWS & SFDC Integration

Microsoft Dynamics

Nsight’s Microsoft Dynamics Services

Every organization is adopting digital selling and intelligent customer services. They want to empower their sales and services teams with adaptive support to maximize productivity and serve customers better.

Whether it is the customer data platform or sales, service, marketing, or commerce clouds, we enable organizations to shorten their sales cycles, improve enterprise collaboration and enhance customer delight by utilizing AI-powered dialogue intelligence.

We support businesses to address the current challenges with Microsoft Dynamics 365 powered by our industry-specific best practices.

Nsight provides an array of Dynamics 365 Consulting Services to small, medium, and large businesses. We offer a range of customized solutions that optimize business operations and transforming applications. We help in the careful selection and implementation of various Dynamics 365 features.

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Consumer Electronics Company Reduces IT Costs, Improves Collaboration and Business Processes

Oracle CX

Nsight’s Oracle CX Services

Customers have become more demanding today. They want a personalized experience and a high standard of customer service. Oracle’s CX can help companies reach the next level in customer experience. It includes the complete customer lifecycle with an integrated set of applications.

Nsight has Oracle’s unified cloud platform expertise to offer businesses a comprehensive view of each customer engagement, anytime, anywhere. We enable a complete understanding of customer engagement that is across marketing, sales, commerce, service, supply chain, finance, and human resource teams.

We have customized implementation supported with our best practices and efficient tools to increase sales efficiency and customer satisfaction. Nsight’s Oracle CX consulting supports revenue generation, branding, and customer service needs. Our industry experience helps companies to get the most out of their Oracle ecosystem.

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