IT Merger and Acquisitions

Minimize disruptions to ongoing business and maximize growth

IT integration is one of the most important components of any merger and acquisition.

Blending the IT systems of the merging organizations is a crucial step toward making them one entity, achieving the synergies between them, and facilitating strategic and cultural integration. Without technology integration, we just have two separate entities that report their revenue as one. Nsight will provide pre-merger process assessments focused on the value that technology will bring to the merger deal.  Through these assessments, we can both plan for the merger, and how we will keep you operational throughout the complete integration. This will reduce costs derived from disruptions and training, and ultimately leads to a faster time to market.

Our team works with wide spectrum of customers in various verticals to address key technology-related M&A challenges, deep-dive Study AS-IS IT environments to deliver risk assessments and mitigations plans. We provide maturity scorecards of IT state and capability scorecards of IT applications of the companies going through the M&A process along with opportunities identified. We assess the current state of IT and deliver the “TO-BE” scenarios of key areas of IT merger integration, including application, portfolio, infrastructure, IT organization, projects and suppliers. Our team provides project planning and level of Integration that need to uniquely customized to the nature of each deal and support this process early on the M&A process.

Our experts provide post-merger IT Strategy and roadmap advisory services that include Planning and Designing the “To BE” landscape. We determine and define the new “System of Record” of each Business Process and Data Entities. We leverage our pre-built accelerators and templates to map process and technologies into the new IT environments and provide an end-to-end Realization plan. We also formulate an integrated IT support organization with consolidated applications and data centers and define the key synergy metrics, considering future improvements and best practices.