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Nsight's Team Outing

Saturday, August 4, 2018

"Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people”- Steve Jobs

Nsight India organized a companywide event on August 4th, 2018 to bring all employees together for a refreshing, spirited and relaxing day at the princely Golkonda Resorts. The invitation was extended to future employees as well to get them onboard with Nsight’s culture and values. Kudos to the organizing committee for meticulously planning the event for about a month and seamlessly executing on D-day!

Employees split up into four teams, each with a team owner and a team captain. The teams will play games and compete with good sportsmanship and teamwork to earn points and win the trophy. Even before the event started, the teams sent out emails to each other calling out their strengths and why they believe they have a better chance at winning the trophy. The highly spirited team mocking was fun and got adrenaline rushing, though the organizing committee had sleepless nights as the event day approached.

The event was graced by the presence of Nsight CEO Anudeep Bhatia and other top executives from the Nsight leadership team. The event started with a business address by Senior Directors Dheeraj Kumar Ramasahayam and Asheesh Kumar Surumpalli followed by some R&R to show appreciation for the employees’ contribution to Nsight’s success during the past two quarters.

Then it was time for the showdown with the team building games. To start with, the relay consisted of three games and required the participation of four members from each team. The first game was Balancing Ball. Each team had to balance a ball on a ring with four strings. Each player held a different string and moved it from point to point, without letting the ball slip and fall. At any given time, the game was being played in parallel by two teams in two different relays.

Next up was Balloon Race. The teams had to blow up the balloon to its full size, after which all the team members had to stand back-to-back and hold their balloon between them and race to the finish line.

The final game of the relay was River Crossing, wherein between the start and end, one had to imagine that there is a river and they had to cross it with the help of cardboard pads. Each player had to ensure that they put their foot on the pad/paper and nowhere else to cross the river. All the teams had scored neck to neck in the relay, with the toughest game being River Crossing game, as it took more time to complete than the others.

Team D – Mighty Willows were leading after this event.

Then it was time for all the teams to put their aggressive hat on for the Tug of War game.

Team B – Blue Hawks emerged the most powerful among all in this category.

Moving on, the teams played Dodgeball, with Team C, The Mighty Crusaders, on top of the charts for this game.

After all the physical activity, everybody looked forward to having lunch. Usually, at such large team events, employees are not easily impressed with the food, yet to everybody’s surprise and delight, the food was delicious from the starters to the desserts. We had varied dishes catering to both meat lovers and the vegetarian population. The vegetarian dishes like Paneer Butter Masala, Biriyani, and Guthivankaya curry were mouthwatering while the meat lovers enjoyed Mutton Biriyani with Chicken Curry. For desserts, there was Butterscotch Ice cream, Jalebi with Rabdi, and Rasgulla, which no one forgot to eat!

After lunch and some relaxation, we played Cricket. They say cricket is a gentleman’s game, but the cricket we played not only had gentlemen but ‘gentle’ women too. With limited time at hand, each match was limited to 6 overs and Team C climbed to the top. Employees who did not play cricket either played indoor games like table tennis, squash, billiards, and carrom or were relaxing by the poolside.

In the evening, during hi-tea, there was an engaging game of Tambola followed by the distribution of prizes for the winning team, Team C – Mighty Crusaders. Team A – Renegades got the prize for the best team name whereas Team D – Mighty Willows bagged the prize for the best team logo. Team B – Bluehawks won two awards, one for the team with the best one-liner and another for the best cheering team. By late evening all the employees grooved to the music played by the DJ until around 8.30 when the packed buses with tired and exhausted but happy and contented employees departed from the venue.

We wish to have more events such as these with your participation, support and cooperation!