Today's industries need an arsenal of IT solutions that can empower business users to enhance their business efficiency and meet customer expectations and demands. As today's customers are more demanding and more sophisticated, industries must look to expert consultancy and innovative solutions that can help them make the most of their data, resources, and infrastructure.

Nsight has the depth and breath of expertise and experience that your industry needs to achieve your business goals and objectives. We enable the following industries to stay ahead of the competition and quickly respond to any challenges by providing them class-leading IT solutions and services.

Aerospace and Defense

Nsight is well aware of the difficulties that Aerospace and Defense industry leaders face -- from aircraft manufacturers having to cope with production backlogs, to defense subcontractors anticipating significant budget cuts, and so on.

  • E-commerce solutions design, development, implementation, and support, specifically tailored for Aerospace and Defense industry requirements

  • Supply Chain Management solutions, upgrades, and support

  • Customer Relationship Management solutions for both corporate and military customers

  • Parts Management, Serial Number Tracking, and Full Service Lifecycle applications

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High Tech

Nsight knows the challenges High Tech companies must overcome in order to continuously produce innovative products that exceed customer expectations.

  • Software License Management solutions

  • Channel Partner Management solutions

  • Design Registration solutions

  • Customer Relationship Management solutions

  • Retail Tracking solutions

  • Sales Management solutions

  • Marketing Management Solutions

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Nsight is intimately aware of the Healthcare industry's unique requirements. We offer solutions and services that can target your specific pain points so you can run a more streamlined organization, maximize staff efficiency, and respond quickly to patients' needs.

  • Improved flexibility and agility enabled by an advanced open healthcare platform

  • Lower medical errors, readmissions, and average cost per case with improved KPI monitoring

  • Greater patient satisfaction from improved CRM systems

  • Mobile healthcare solutions that enable anytime, anywhere patient care

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Retailers acknowledge that they must look beyond traditional marketing techniques and improve the way they connect with their customers to remain competitive in today's marketplace.

  • Boost sales and improve conversion rates using advanced analytics

  • Increase profits by monitoring and adjusting accordingly to important KPIs

  • Gain real-time visibility into your day-to-day operations

  • Improve customer relations and service using streamlined CRM solutions

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Our team of expert business consultants and technology specialists are on hand to give you insightful advice and enable you to do the following:

  • Lower energy procurement costs through improved supply chain management

  • Enhance service, marketing, and sales processes through collaboration

  • Increase agility in responding to new energy policies and demand-side activism

  • Streamline plant operating efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and lower accident rates

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Nsight can help you improve your existing systems and infrastructure so you can make better decisions, anticipate patient needs, eliminate inefficiencies, drive down costs, and run a smoother business operation.

  • Streamline operational processes so you can respond faster to patient and market needs

  • Gain real-time visibility into your inventories

  • Improve patient satisfaction and encourage customer loyalty using the latest CRM technology

  • Track KPIs using advanced analytics

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