Oracle E-Business Suite

Nsight delivers deep industry and systems integration expertise in the implementation and management of Oracle E-Business Suite. Nsight offers this fully integrated, comprehensive suite of global business applications that provides better business information for effective decision-making.

  • Next-generation development framework for improved productivity

  • Better cross-application navigation and rapid cross-responsibility

  • Built-in best practices and reusable business services

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Database Management

By leveraging Oracle Database Management, Nsight can help customers consolidate and manage multiple databases as one, resulting in improved efficiency and simplified management with maximum availability. We enable organizations to discover business insights in real-time while simultaneously increasing transactional performance.

  • Secure enterprise data with a comprehensive
    defense-in-depth strategy

  • Automatically optimize data storage, compression
    and tiering according to usage patterns

  • Consolidate multiple databases into a multitenant
    architecture with pluggable database

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Data Integration

Using Oracle's Data Integration, Nsight helps provide a unified solution for building, deploying, and managing real-time data-centric architectures in an SOA, BI, and data warehouse environment. With flexible and comprehensive solutions, we help our customers capitalize on their data by driving business growth and reducing costs.

  • Improved performance and reduce integration costs

  • Centralized data across databases

  • Increased flexibility, faster time-to-market

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