Obtaining timely insights from your enterprise data is a must for making smart decisions and tackling complex business issues. Business opportunities can remain hidden in data sources that business leaders must access to secure an edge over their competition.

Nsight, with the help of Oracle Analytics, can enable your organization to turn raw data into actionable information. Armed with these new tools, you can operate more efficiently, offer new services, and stay ahead of the competition.

OBIEE reports

  • BI Server: common enterprise business model and abstraction layer

  • BI Answers: ad-hoc query and reporting

  • BI Interactive Dashboards: highly interactive dashboards

  • BI Delivers: proactive business activity monitoring and alerting

  • BI Publisher: enterprise reporting and distribution of pixel-perfect reports

  • Oracle Real-Time Decision Server: predictive analytics for adaptive decision management

  • Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management: strategic goal setting and tracking

  • Oracle Data Visualization: self-service visual analytics

Oracle Analytics Benefits

  • Utilize Industry Best Practice Analytics

  • Quickly identify potential performance issues

  • Provide powerful reporting features

  • Increase productivity

Oracle Analytics Services

  • Big Data

  • Business Intelligence

  • Information Management