Oracle UX is the simplified user interface for the Oracle Applications Cloud. The innovative design of the simplified user interface relies on elegantly simple designs, smooth transitions to mobile platforms, and easy opportunities for tailoring. The simplified UI is built for users who want to get on with their jobs, as well as for companies that want to avoid massive navigation and training.

Oracle's integrated cloud solutions deliver a consistent, personalized customer 360 view that connects every customer engagement with your brand. Leveraging Oracle's CX360 solution, Nsight offers a compelling, efficient and effective means to join data from all customer-facing applications including data and events from connected devices to enhance existing business processes, making them more innovative and responsive.

Oracle UX Benefits

Expanded simplicity

Additional self-service, quick-action tasks that enables more people in your company to easily access the essential information and actions that support the way they work in the cloud.

Expanded visualizations and analytics

Additional infographic-inspired, tablet-friendly, and interactive visualizations and embedded analytics appear throughout the UI.

Expanded extensibility and customization

Rebrand the simplified UI with your company logo and watermark, and restructure and rename the available functional areas and pages.


  • Ubiquitous computing

  • Any device, any location

  • Intelligent context


  • Multiple form factors

  • Convenient

  • Consumer acceptance

  • Generational change in device usage


  • What matters most

  • Small, quick, casual interactions

  • Multimodal input

Optimized UI for different platforms

Oracle's simplified user interface ensures consistency of look and feel across different devices.

Customized UX design patterns and page templates

You can choose your workflow from a library of UX design patterns, or developer building blocks, and similar page templates.


Tailored user experience to the demands of the devices

By taking advantage of the built-in functionality in your devices, we can automate more tasks, creating designs with fewer steps and improving the user experience.

Virtualized application in layers

Layering allows users to take care of a quick task, then move seamlessly back to the work at hand.