Today’s customers expect businesses to respond quickly to their needs regardless of their location. And now that customers interact with businesses through multiple touchpoints, including the web, mobile devices, social media, as well as physical stores, the demand becomes more challenging.

Nsight is committed to helping companies take full advantage of SAP CRM solutions so they can develop meaningful customer relationships, deal proactively with challenges, and respond decisively to issues as they happen.

SAP CRM Benefits

  • Develop long-term customer relationships

  • Boost sales and streamline business processes

  • Access insightful Analytics and reporting

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • Leverage mobile solutions for anywhere-access

SAP CRM Services

  • CRM Assessment and Strategy Consulting

  • Implementation, Upgrades, and Updates

  • Custom CRM Solutions

  • Mobility Enablement

  • Testing and Go-Live Support

Customer Single View

  • Get visibility into every customer contact point

    Get a single view of your customers across the whole customer lifecycle from marketing to sales and support

  • Drive smart marketing

    Profile each customer and tailor interactions specifically for that customer

  • Obtain incremental gains in revenue

    Determine customer value and match “lowest cost” channel to serve

    Build customer relationships

    Help customer service representatives enable continuous and smooth interaction with customers